Pema Choling

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The residents run all aspects of the center themselves as they acquire administrative skills, manage inventory, maintain the buildings and grounds, grow vegetables and make cheese and butter from the milk of 2 cows donated by local farmers.

Getting water

The only source of water is a nearby stream. The water is piped by a hose which has been hooked up to an outdoor faucet system.


Young nun writing

Young student doing homework.


The kitchen and food store house.

Making Torma Dough

The students take turns cooking - for 100.

Ocean of nuns


In the Temple



Rigdin Lhamo playing Chod

Doing 'chod', a ritual practice

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PEMA CHOLING USA is a registered 501(c)(3) and all donations are fully tax-deductible.
All labor is donated so 100% of donations directly benefit the women and girls at Pema Choling in Bhutan.

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